Here you'll find the Fair Gaming Policy for Ladys Casino to help you better understand this online casino.

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Online Casino Fair Gaming

Lady's Casino has the capability and expertise of understanding the importance of providing a fair gaming environment for its players. Because of its user-friendly approach, it continues to hold its place in this thriving online market.

Lady's Casino boasts a gaming license from the government of Antigua and Barbuda. It is regulated and regularly inspected by the Antiguan gaming commission. Moreover, Lady's Casino certifies its commitment to fair gaming. This casino for ladies offers a professional, accommodating, and protected environment which promotes a winning experience.

The Dealer is powered by Lady's Casino software. To guarantee that performance of this computer is completely random, a sophisticated RNG - Random Number Generator - is employed.

The RNG has been tested and approved by principal international accounting and auditing firms on Lady's Casino software. By running simulations of millions of game rounds and evaluating their outcomes, the system is tested to ensure its continuous accuracy on a regular basis.

In addition to that, the Lady's Casino payout percentage average, the percentage of total winnings to total wagered amounts, is posted online. On a monthly basis, it is reviewed to guarantee the system is maintaining randomness and fairness.

For players' convenience, Lady's Casino offers built-in games as well as financial gaming logs for checking gaming results from earlier games. Additionally, history and detailed information is always readily available.

Game history transactions include the initiation of the original game, bet and win amounts, detailed game results and more. A display of all cash-outs and deposits, as well as financial transaction histories, can be accessed while online.

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