Before you start playing online casino games at Ladys Casino make sure to read this Getting Started section

Getting Started at Ladys Online Casino
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Getting Started at Women’s Gambling

Now that you are ready to start playing at Lady's Casino you can read about how to get started on this page so that you can take part in the action right away. There are only a few key steps to follow in order for you to get started at Lady's Casino.

Step 1: Downloading Lady's Casino Software

Begin by clicking the "DOWNLOAD" button right on the homepage of Lady's Casino. Remember, the Lady's Casino software is free to download and use with no obligations. When you get the message to save the software to you PC click on "Save". We suggest you save the ".exe" file on your Windows desktop.

Once you do this the download will begin automatically.

When the download is complete, this message will appear: Press "Close".

Step 2: Installation

To install the program on your PC start by locating the installer on your desktop (or the location where you chose to save the program) and double click on the Lady's Casino icon. If you can't find the Lady's Casino installer icon on your desktop, please follow these steps:

Click the Windows "Start" menu on the bottom left corner of your screen. Choose "Search" and then press "For Files or Folder". Type "SetupCasino.exe" inside the white window labeled "For files or folders named and click "Search Now".

Once you have found it, double click on the icon and follow the instructions of the Lady's Casino Installation Wizard. The Wizard will begin downloading the Lady's Casino software automatically. This should take about 10-12 minutes if you are using a standard 56KB/sec Modem.

When the wizard completes the download process, click "INSTALL". Next, you will see the "Terms and Conditions" page. Please read this page carefully. To accept the Lady's Casino Terms and Conditions, press "I AGREE." Once installation is complete you can start playing at Lady's Casino.

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