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Lady’s Casino Security & Privacy Policies

The Lady's Casino is committed to providing the safest environment for online gambling. We enforce the strictest standards when it comes to ensuring our players' security and privacy. The type of information collected by our online casino is detailed in the below mentioned statement.

Web Site Information:

The Lady's Casino automatically logs Internet IP addresses of those who visit our online casino. We collect them for the purpose of analyzing traffic that's coming into our casino for ladies. On the other hand, the Lady's Casino does not log personal email addresses.

Advertising System:

Visitors' IP addresses are also used by our advertising system in order to cater the advertisement to fit each and every visitor specifically. For example, by logging each visitor's IP address we can display promotional banners written in the visitor's language. The same as before, our advertising system does not log personal email addresses.

Account Creation Information:

Upon signing up and opening an account with the Lady's Casino, all the personal information you provide us with is kept confidential on our servers for our personal use. Among others, Lady's Casino uses this information for the purpose of sending you the money you have won playing at our online casino, and providing you with other services you may request. Lady's Casino does not disclose this information to any third party company, regardless if it's for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Your email address will allow us to inform you of all the latest casino news and information, such as new casino software updates and promotional specials. Lady's Casino only collects the email address of those who contact us through email. If you are not interested to receive any emails from the Lady's Casino, please send us an email indicating the word "remove" in the subject to the following address: TBD

Winnings Information:

All details regarding your winning and cash out options at our casino for ladies, will be stored on our secure server where it will remain strictly confidential. Lady's Casino will not disclose this information it's required by law, or requested by a regulatory or governmental authority.


All the personal information you decide to share with us is encrypted using the most advanced encryption system available on the market today. Your personal information is stored on our servers where it's protected by a cutting-edge firewall technology, preventing anyone else from accessing it.

In case you have any other questions regarding Lady's Casino security & privacy policies, feel free to contact us by phone or email. Our customer care team is at your disposal 24/7, and they will be more than happy to answer any question that you ay have.

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